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In Which I am Up to the Challenge

Beet greens

Chopped beet greens and stems in my fantastic uber-large sieve.

I have steadfastly been avoiding the beets in my CSA basket. It’s true – I confess. They lie there all beet-y and dusty, waiting, until I finally sigh and trim, wash and bag their greens…and leave the beets on the counter again. I stare at them. I clean the counter around them. I put them in their own bag.

I seal it.

I talk with people about them – and I give them away.

It’s true. I have chickened out of beets for weeks, now. But…this week is different.

This week, I have decided that I am Up to the Challenge.

I have chopped and cleaned the greens and looked up recipes. Tonight, I will eat them. Stay tuned.


3 comments on “In Which I am Up to the Challenge

  1. greenishmonkeys
    July 1, 2012

    We eat the greens but I will confess to having given them away at least half the time last year. No beets yet for this year. 🙂

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